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About CreditIQ - Credit Repair Experts

We know that unfortunate situations can happen in your life and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance to restart their financial life with good credit score.

Our specialized credit repair team is here to help you. We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to help you achieve the highest credit possible and give you the knowledge to always maintain it.

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Why Choose CreditIQ?

We are an a nationally recognized & highly experienced financial consultant firm. We will also teach you how to maintain good credit. After reviewing your credit report, our Consultants determine a customized fee based on your situation.

Recently we shared very helpful tips on the Northwest Arkansas News to help everyone with their financial situation regarding credit repair.


Process Steps

Our simple 3-step process of credit repair

Free Credit Report Evaluation

Customized Credit Repair Plan

Restore your credit by fixing all problems

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What our credit repair service will include?

Here are a few things that we will make sure to correct for the credit repair process:

  • Removal of Collections

  • Removal of Late Payments

  • Removal of Charge-Offs

  • Removal of Bankruptcies

  • Removal of Repossessions

  • Removal of Foreclosures

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