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The challenges

The unexpected difficulties of bad credit score

You are living a happy life with your family, but the one thing disrupts your financial situation.

That's a Bad credit score of your bank account. It creates these difficult circumstances for you:

  • You pay more for your loan

  • Your insurance premiums goes up

  • Harder time renting an apartment

Repairing your credit

Bad Credit affects a lot of people

If you’re struggling with a poor credit score and need a fast credit repair, then CreditIQ is here to help you with it.

Fixing your bad credit is our responsibility. So, stop paying high interest on your home loan & your credit cards and never get declined because of your low credit score.


Benefits of Repairing Your Credit

Repairing your credit has multiple benefits, here are a few...

Interest Rates

Low interest rates on insurance, mortgages & credit Card

Your Home

Buy a beautiful new home that you always wanted

Credit Cards

Be approved for new cards & increase credit limits


Become the ideal candidate for your dream Job

Fixing the damage

Rebuild your present by fixing your credit

We educate our clients on everything from the basics of how to manage your credit properly to maximizing what resources remain. At this stage, we will try our best and restore your credit report to a healthy level by fixing all the issues it might have.

We will provide you a custom restoration plan that will guide you to prioritize payments and keep your accounts in a positive status.

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Process Steps

Our simple 3-step process of credit repair

Free Credit Report Evaluation

Customized Credit Repair Plan

Restore your credit by fixing all problems

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Planning for future

Restore your future by planning ahead

Our CreditIQ team will show you the path to maintain your credit score in the coming future by providing invaluable knowledge on making buying decisions that might affect your score.

Whether you are looking to buy a home or car loan, a new high-paying job, or just wanted to get rid of bad credit, we will surely help you reach your destination through a good credit education.


What our credit repair service will include?

Here are a few things that we will make sure to correct for the credit repair process:

  • Removal of Collections

  • Removal of Late Payments

  • Removal of Charge-Offs

  • Removal of Bankruptcies

  • Removal of Repossessions

  • Removal of Foreclosures


Frequently asked Questions?

How long does credit bureaus keep records?

Credit bureaus keep information on your record up to 10 years, so problematic credit history can follow you around for a LONG time. You came to the right place to skyrocket your consumer buying power!

How long does the process of credit repair take?

Credit Repair generally takes approx. 6-12 months to complete.  Note that you will  see improvement throughout this entire process given you follow our guidance to maintain your results and empower a lifetime of good credit decisions.

How much would your services cost?

We have made it AFFORDABLE for everyone. Give us a call to see which plan will work best for you given your goals and outcome. Give us a call to see which package works for you.

How much can I expect my score to go up? How does it work?

Our clients on average will get 50 to 90% + of their issues permanently deleted in 35 to 90 days; some reports may take more or less time depending upon several factors like how many items are on the report, how old they are and if you have gone through credit repair recently. Every credit report is different so we work each one case by case to optimize for the best possible results

Should I close my old credit cards?

NO WAY! Old established seasoned accounts are built into your account history which is a huge chunk of your credit score. If you have old credit card accounts that you want to stop using, just cut up the cards or keep them in a drawer, but keep the accounts open.

If you close an account, you can expect an immediate drop in your credit score because it will decrease the average age of your credit history.

Old accounts are your positive credit. Positive credit takes YEARS to build and if you ever needed to purchase it in the form of a trade line, it is very expensive. Your old accounts are important, do not close them.

Why does great credit count?

When you have a low/subprime credit score (anything under 619), it feels like the whole financial world is against you and life becomes more difficult and expensive. Millions of Americans need to build up and sweep their credit in order to qualify for a home loan, lease an apartment, obtain a car loan, get a credit card, get a cell phone, and even applying for certain jobs. Your credit score even impacts the rates you pay for auto and homeowners’ insurance.

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